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Important Disclosure Information

Our website offers general information about our services and should not be acted upon without obtaining specific advice from a qualified professional. The information provided is not intended to provide any investment, tax or legal advice; in addition, nothing on this website should be considered a solicitation for the purchase or sale of any security.

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Additional information, including management fees and expenses, is provided on our Form ADV Part 2, available upon request or at the SEC’s Investment Advisor Public Disclosure siteThis link will open a new browser window. As with any investment strategy, there is potential for profit as well as the possibility of loss. We do not guarantee any minimum level of investment performance or the success of any portfolio or investment strategy. All investments involve risk (the amount of which may vary significantly) and investment recommendations will not always be profitable. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

The scope of the services to be provided will depend upon the terms of the engagement.

Award Disclosures

InvestmentNews Best Places to Work for Financial Advisers

March 6, 2023: Currently in its fifth year, the InvestmentNews 2023 Best Places to Work for Financial Advisers program recognizes financial advice businesses that create meaningful work experiences for all their professionals. These firms value a commitment of excellence to both their employees and clients. It is from these encouraging foundations that advice firms can provide high quality and personalized investment and financial planning for clients.

Each year, this project is conducted in partnership with employee survey firm Best Companies Group. Winners are selected from a two-part survey completed by employers and employees. Employers report their organization’s workplace policies, practices and demographics, and employees complete a survey designed to measure the employee experience. Scores from the employee survey represent three-quarters of the weight of the final rankings.

To qualify as one of InvestmentNews Best Places to Work for Financial Advisers, an advice firm must have at least 15 employees and have been in business for one year. Link to award criteria:

No compensation was given or received for acquiring and advertising this award.

Wealthstream Advisors, Inc. ("Wealthstream") is a registered investment adviser. Additional information, including management fees and expenses, is provided on our Form ADV Part 2 available upon request or at the SEC’s Investment Adviser Public Disclosure website,  Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

RIA Edge 100 List

February 6, 2023: The list was developed by the Wealth Management IQ team in partnership with Discovery Data. Analyzing the ADVs of all SEC-registered investment advisors, WMIQ and Discovery looked at AUM growth, ratio of employees to clients, ratio of advisors to clients, percentage of advisors with CFP certification and average client account size. Qualifying firms were limited to those that provide financial planning services, have high-net-worth individuals as more than half of their client base and manage at least $250 million in assets as of June 30, 2022. Link to award information:

The UB Fast 46

The UB Fast 46 is the 46 companies with the highest revenue growth rates as verified by The Bonadio Group, the official verification firm—have been selected. Named in honor of UB's founding in 1846, Fast 46 recognizes the success of 46 of the fastest-growing businesses owned or led by University at Buffalo alumni or former students around the world. 2023 Criteria: 1) Company must have been in operation from at least January 2019 to present. 2) Company must have verifiable revenues of at least $100,000 in both 2019 and 2020, and a minimum of $250,000 in 2021. 3) Company must be owned or led by a UB alumnus or former student.

Social Media Disclosure


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The Wealthstream Advisors, Inc. company profile is for informational purposes only, and its contents are not an offer to sell nor a solicitation to buy securities. The information on this social media site should not be used in making investment decisions. Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, and expenses associated with any investment. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.


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