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Tips for Nurturing Parent-Child Relationships and Building Resilience

July 30, 2020 | By Michael Kimmel, CFP®
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If you’re a parent of young children during this difficult period of quarantine, by now you’re all too familiar with the added challenges of parenting while navigating through this defining moment in history.

At Wealthstream, our core mission is to help people live their best lives. While we tend to focus on helping our clients overcome financial obstacles, we understand that our clients are facing plenty of added hurdles during this time.

We partnered with Certified School Psychologist and Licensed Psychologist Dr. Steven Korner for A Survival Guide for Parents During the Outbreak: Tips for Nurturing Parent-Child Relationships and Building Resilience.

During the webinar, Dr. Steven Korner discusses how to make children feel secure, while also ensuring their education and happiness during this period of quarantine. Please feel free to share this webinar recording with your network

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